Shell casings

Basically, after a gun is fired, there would be shell casings that are left behind. Anyone should be able to pick them up. Cops could pick them up and use them to help when investigating a shooting, so if someone left behind DNA (i.e. not wearing gloves) it could be traced back to them if they were ever caught, or if the gun used was a serialized one, it could be traced back to the owner.

Now, the casings and how many casings were left behind would depend on the type of firearm used, and how long the shooting lasted for. So for instance, if a Desert Eagle or Colt was used, it'd likely leave behind several 9mm casings whereas an AK47 or M4 would most probably leave behind dozens of 5.56's or 7.62's casings.

As for drive-by shootings, the casings shouldn't drop and if there's a car storage system added, depending on how in-depth it is, maybe the shell casings would be "stored" in the car? That way, for example, if the police came across it and the predator forgot to get rid of the evidence after the shooting, they'd be dead meat.

Anywho, I'll leave below a visual illustration of what I mean...something similar to this. I get that the big red shit looks distasteful, but I think it's the concept behind it that makes it nice.

Re: Shell casings

the world is yours wrote: October 24th, 2021, 7:08 pm
przz wrote: October 24th, 2021, 6:31 pm hell to the motherfucking no 😹😹😹 u niggas want text to be showing on the ground after u shoot? u crazy fr
Personally, I don't want text on the ground. Maybe some sort of server side casings be added though? What do you think?
yes, I like that idea better, but ofc lower quality
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