Dusan Blagojevic


Dusan Blagojevic was born on 20th December, 1995 in Chicago, US. His parents are Serbs from Belgrade. Dusan moved back to Belgrade when he was 5 years old, where he went to school. He has two brothers and sister. He joins fan group "Heroes" in his teens, a fan subgroup of fan group "Delije", of his favorite club "FC Red Star". Heroes had big impact on his life, as he relented in school, became more aggressive, tasted drugs, etc. His life drastically changes, he takes part in illegal street fights, fights between fan groups, distribution of narcotics and other criminal activities.
Dusan can be seen in upper row, 2nd from left to right, picture from "Srbska Cast", 2018.
Dusan goes through ranks in Heroes very fast, and after a couple years in group he becomes one of co-leaders and important member of it. He joins humanitarian organization "Srbska Cast" (eng. Serbian Honor) same year. After couple years of illegal actions in Belgrade, Dusan has proven to be loyal and valuable associate. Dusan moves to Los Santos where he joins Petar Rakonjac, not knowing what will happen later.
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