Re: What's the last movie / TV show you watched, and your opinion of it?

I think that the last show I've finished was The Witcher's new season. It was really good and I'm glad to see that the story is finally picking up.

Also, it looks like the production budget was somewhat increased because the quality of the second season was better than the first, plus they've made changes to the Nilfgaardian's costumes and whatnot to fit the aesthetics from the games better, which is great.

I've dabbled with the books a bit and I understand why the first season was like it was and possibly confusing to most people who are new to it.

Lately, I've binged two animes: Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, both aimed at the whole Humans Vs. Demons/Curses aspect and I think I like Demon Slayer better. It's on Netflix, has great humor and I enjoy the way the storyline unfolds.

Jujutsu Kaisen is more serious in some aspects and a few of its characters aren't as charismatic, but I got a few laughs out of it and it was entertaining enough for me to finish within a week.

I've started Black Mirror today based on a recommendation from one of my college teachers so I'm looking forward to see what's what with that show.

Re: What's the last movie / TV show you watched, and your opinion of it?

Last 2 TV shows I watched are The Rookie and SEAL Team. Both great shows with great production and acting. I recommend them, The Rookie is based on LAPD while SEAL Team is based on US NAVY SEALs and their life. The Rookie is a bit unreal because whole show is based on three PO Is and their FTOs and they solve all the situations, like PO I catches corrupted detective III who spent 20 years in LAPD. But show is funny to watch. On the other hand SEAL Team is incredible and I don't see any mistakes in show.
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