In-Game & UCP Rules

1. General Behaviour:

We value open discussion and constructive criticism, however, we do have to be inclusive and mindful of others. We expect that players:
  • Do not bully, harass or threaten members of the community.
  • Do not troll, disrupt or inhibit roleplay. For example:
    • Do not RP a character whose sole purpose is to troll, annoy people, or act in an extremely strange manner.
    • Do not quit the server mid-RP-scenario.
    • Do not refuse to roleplay with another member of the community, even if you think they may be breaking rules.
    • Do not purposefully antagonize other players based on an OOC motive.
    • Stay 'In-Character' at all times, except where an admin is directly involved in an in-game report.
  • Always use proper grammar and spelling; with the exception of phonetic spelling to emphasize a certain accent or 'voice'.
  • Do not sell assets or items for real-world currency.
  • Do not transfer assets or items for an OOC reason, or between characters without a moderator or admins approval.

You may not commit hostile actions or crimes in any of the following locations unless a target retreats into this area:
  • Banks.
  • Government buildings, i.e the City Hall, Police stations, Fire stations, etc.
  • Gun stores.
2. Powergaming:

Powergaming can be defined as:
Forcing your actions onto another player:
  • Defining how another player should respond to your RP through your own /me. For example:
    • /me punches Jim on the front of the skull, he knocks him out immediately.
    It is up to Jim how his character responds to your /me; not you.

  • Performing several actions back to back that doesn't allow another player a window to respond to your actions. For example:
    • /me points a gun at Jim, then goes into his pockets, then takes everything in his pockets.
      You have to give Jim the opportunity to respond to each action, you don't know where his items are without him telling you or whether he's just going to give them up straight away.
Performing inhuman or unrealistic actions:
  • Failing to show any level of fear for your life. For example:
    • Not cooperating with demand or threat whilst you have a gun pointed at you.
    • Not cooperating in a situation where you are outnumbered.
  • Performing acts of superhuman strength or toughness. For example:
    • /me picks up a car with two hands and throws it across the street.
    • /me gets shot in the chin, but just rubs it off and keeps on walking.
      You must always RP the consequence of gunshots and injuries, whether you like it or not. Failure to do so is power gaming.
3. Metagaming:

Metagaming can be defined as using the information you gained Out of Character to help aid a situation In Character.
You must not:
  • Be participating in a voice call when playing on the server and transferring IC information through this medium.
  • Use any information obtained via 3rd party software (Discord, social media, etc) to aid your character in-game.
  • Transfer information between alt characters, even if you pass this information in a 'train' from one player to another and it reaches you again. You must have absolutely zero contact with your other characters.
  • Abuse character nametags to obtain people's names.
  • Use multiple characters to report something to the police, or to benefit yourself in any way.
You may:
  • Use Discord or other 3rd party sites to share background information about your character; to coordinate when you are going in-game, or to help manage members of your faction on an OOC level.
  • Be in a voice call with people with who you are not roleplaying. Make sure all communication that affects IC, remains IC. Get used to muting your mic when RPing with friends, it is much more fun this way.
  • Use a character's nametag to describe them. For example: /me vaguely describes a _Jones he came across a few days ago.
4. Deathmatching:

Deathmatching is the act of killing another player without adequate In-Character reasoning. Fishing for an IC reason to kill someone, otherwise known as 'provoking' is strictly forbidden. Most players are subject to the Faction War Rules unless you are acting as an individual with no affiliation to any faction on the server.
You must always have a strong IC reason before you attempt to kill another player. For example:
  • You witnessed, or were informed by another witness, a member of your faction, or an IC friend get killed or brutally assaulted by another player.
  • You were the victim of, witnessed or were informed of a robbery that took place in which valuables were lost.
  • You were threatened to an abnormal degree - including, but not limited to:
    • Threats being made on your life.
    • Threats being made on a faction member or close friend's life (must be able to prove relationship).
    • Using extremely disrespectful language (racially motivated, disrespecting dead associates).
  • A series of escalated instances, where one single instance may not warrant a valid reason to kill, repeated instances may. This might be in the form of a series of fights, robberies, disrespect, etc.

Examples of bad reasoning:
  • You were insulted to a moderate degree, i.e told to 'fuck off'.
  • You lost a fight, so you kill the person who won the fight.
  • Your character doesn't like black people, so you randomly kill a black person.
  • Your character is drunk or high so they randomly kill someone.
  • You kill several people who were not involved in a situation between yourself and another party.
Revenge Killing:
  • You must never re-involve yourself in a situation in which you die and respawn, regardless of whether you CK, name change, etc.
  • You may only become re-involved if a repeat incident occurs in which another player specifically targets you. For example:
    • You rob another player.
    • That player kills you.
    • You are then robbed a few days later by the same player.
    • You may then kill that player.
  • You may involve yourself in an attack on the same players for a separate reason (not because they killed you) 7 days after you were killed. This will be monitored down to the last minute, so make sure you stay on the safe side and wait longer.
5. Robbing, Scamming and Extortion:

There are some simple rules surrounding the act of forcibly taking from another player on the server to ensure that it remains reasonably realistic.
  • You may rob a player for up to $1000, except in an instance where you have been scammed (see below).
  • You can rob any and all items that a player is carrying.
  • You must conduct roleplay during a robbery. Make sure you aren't power gaming, don't assume where items are, and give the other party a chance to respond to your actions. This does not mean the victim can stall the RP however.
  • You must not ram people with a vehicle and then rob them, you must not chain robberies back to back (unless you have an explicit IC reasoning to do so).
  • You should have a reason behind robbing people, for example, you shouldn't be riding around in a sports car with a tonne of money robbing people. You should be a character who seeks financial gain or is robbing someone as an act of revenge etc.
  • If a player fails to cooperate, you have the authority to inflict harm to them.
  • If a player cooperates, you must not kill them unless you have a separate reason to.
  • You can scam a player for up to $50,000.
  • If you have been scammed, you may rob the player that scammed you for up to $50,000 or their current on-hand cash (under $50,000).
  • You must not scam people for houses, businesses, or any other form of real estate.
  • You may scam someone for drugs, weapons, or vehicles that you own.
  • You can extort a business that is open in your faction's turf for up to $1000/week.
  • You must not seek to extort businesses that are outside of your faction's active RP area.
  • You must be mindful of the business owner; being extorted may not be a pleasant experience for the victim so make sure the RP surrounding it is detailed and falls in line with the other server rules.
6. Cheating:

We have a zero-tolerance cheating policy on the server. Alongside our specialized anti-cheat, any and all instances of cheating will be met with a permanent ban. This means you will never be getting unbanned on the server unless you can categorically prove that you were not cheating.
This includes but is not limited to:
  • Using any form of game modification such as aim hack, speed hack (even less obvious speed hacks such as 'b2'), accuracy adjustment, no spread and or any other modification which gives you an advantage over another player, no matter how slight.
  • Exploiting server bugs, such as duplication glitches or likewise which give you an advantage over another player. If you find a bug by accident, you must report it immediately to a member of the server's management (Noel, Dan, or Kyle).
  • You may use SilentPatch, which allows users to see weapons through windows. You can also use CodsMP and a sensitivity fix. The server's launcher will automatically check you are not using any blacklisted .cleo or .asi files.

I also want to stress again that we have tools, that the majority of other servers do not, which will help us catch cheaters. Since I know that SAMP is a breeding ground for cheating, I want to repeat that is not worth getting yourself banned from the community forever. We have tools at our disposal that will be able to tell that you are using third-party modifications, abusing server bugs, etc, and will flag it to the staff team immediately. It is much more fun to play fair, so let's try to keep it that way. We don't want to have to ban a large portion of the SAMP community.
7. Gruesome RP:

Whilst we do not want to be a community that censors its users and discourages creativity and unique characters, there are some limitations that we have to place on RP to avoid disrupting other people's experiences on the server. We do not wish for the server to be a place where people can enact illegal or extremely immoral fantasies or fetishes.
You must not:
  • Engage in any illegal or immoral sexual activity. Bestiality, necrophilia, paedophilia, and cannibalism are not allowed to be RPed on this server. You may elude to your character baring these traits or desires, but you must not engage in specific acts or RP scenarios which re-enact them.
  • You must not engage in any form of sexual RP in a public space. This includes consensual sexual RP. Keep it to private interiors.
  • You must not perform non-consensual sexual acts on another player without their OOC permission, which you can obtain by asking the recipient through /pm or /b. If the other player wishes to stop at any point during the RP, you must agree and void the roleplay if you are asked to.
  • You may create terrorist, white supremacist or other 'hate group' based factions, but these will be especially closely monitored by the Faction Team. Any sense of indiscretion or rule breaking will result in this type of faction being forcibly closed.
8. Character Rules:

There are also some limitations on how you manage your characters in an OOC sense. This is to avoid unfair situations in which an OOC event may transpire to negatively impact another player's experience.
Character Creation Rules:
  • You must not use celebrity names, 'mock' celebrity names (Conor_McKhabibinov) or names which blatantly reference a character from a film, TV series, video game etc.
  • You must not use joke names like 'Ben Dover' or 'Mike Hunt'.
  • You should try your best to match your characters name to who they are, for example making a mock-Indian character called 'Meghna Gaalfaate' whilst using an elderly white female skin model will set a bad precedent for you if you are ever reported etc.
Namechange Rules:
  • You are not allowed to name change until 7 days have passed since you last robbed, scammed, killed, extorted or committed an act of violence against another player.
  • You must not name change to avoid cooldowns in the RoE or to bypass certain server rules.
  • If you believe a player has name changed to avoid a situation pertaining to your character, make a quick report and it will be looked into for you.
9. Faction Rules:

All players are upheld to the Faction Rules whether you are considered a faction member or not - this is particularly important for people acting as a group but not a faction. The server's CK and PK rules are also covered in these rules. You can read them here.
10. Multiple UCP Accounts, Ban Evading, Proxies & VPNs:
  • You may only have a single UCP account per person.
  • Creating a new UCP to evade a ban is also against the rules.
  • Use of anything to hide your identity is not allowed without permission. This includes proxies, VPNs, etc.
Any questions or concerns can be sent to my inbox. I'll respond to every message.

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