How to install a car mod, weapon mod, skin mod etc with modloader & Silent Asi Loader

From My knowledge the easiest way of installing a skin is using mod-loader, to install various options As in skins etc, You'd need mod-loader, Cleo & Silent Asi Loader.

Cleo :
(Just extract everything, Then copy and paste all the files you selected in the Cleo folder, and Paste them inside of you're Gta San Andreas Folder.)

First step : Downloading Modloader and Silent Asi Loader :
- Modloader :
- Asi Loader :
Second step is to Extract Everything into You're main game root folder.
For Modloader : Extract the files from the rar file > Copy the Mod-loader folder & Mod-loader.asi File from the rar File > Paste Them In you're Gta San Andreas Main root folder, [Example : C: > Program Files(x86) > GrandTheft Auto San Andreas > Paste] (Shortcut to paste is Ctrl + V)
For Silent Asi Loader : Extract the files from the rar file > Copy VorbisFill.dll & VorbisHooked.dll > Paste Both VorbisFill.dll & VorbisHooked.dll inside of you're Main Gta San Andreas Folder, After that go back to the Silent Asi Loader Folder, Open the (Scripts) Folder Copy & Paste global.ini or global inside of You're Gta San Andreas Folder Inside of You're Scripts Folder. (Most Gta San Andreas Game Folders doesn't come with the Scripts folder, so if you don't have a Scripts Folder, Make one and paste global.ini/global in there). And That's how you get Cleo, Mod-loader & Silent Asi Loader.
(Optional) (Label or name Folders inside of Mod-loader to keep everything neat, categorized and organized)
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